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Babysitter Phone
A simple but very useful babyphone application for your iPhone.

The Babysitter Phone app monitors the noise level in the surrounding of your iPhone. If certain configurable criteria are met an alarm phone call can be triggered. Just specify a valid phone number of your choice. That way you can easily spend an evening at neighbour´s house while your iPhone is taking care of your baby. In case the child wakes up you get a call immediately.

The Preferences:

Choose a noise level, that has to be exceeded for generating a noise event. That way you can easily adapt the app for your individual purposes.

Specify a minimum number of noise events that have to be recorded before an alarm phone call is generated. This can be done to avoid being notified just because of a single short random noise event.

Specify a time interval in seconds that es used for counting the noise events. Events that took place before this time interval are not counted. This way the app can be used during a longer period of time without unnecessary counting of older noise events.

We recommend you to attach the iPhone to a power supply while using this app. Otherwise loss of battery power is possible because the iPhone won´t go into sleep mode while the app is activated.

Additional Information: Babysitter Phone v1.0 was testet with iPhone OS version 3.1.2. It is a known issue, that the automatic generation of alarm phone calls may not work properly with some older versions of the iPhone OS. Please make sure that your system is updated with the newest version. We cannot guarantee, that this app works with future versions of the iPhone OS.

You have any questions or problems with the usage of Babysitter Phone? You have recommendations for new features? Please feel free to contact our mobile app support at
Babysitter Phone
Released: 01/05/2010
Current version: 1.0
0.3 MB
Languages: english, german
Price: 0.79 € only

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