World Champion
The App for the soccer world cup 2010 in South Africa!

The App for the soccer world cup 2010 in South Africa: World Champion!

World Champion brings you all scores of the world cup live on your iPhone. Moreover you have an overview on all groups and get latest news of the world cup. Additionally World Champion provides you with information to all world cup participants, stadiums as well as tournament stats.

Select at my team your country and so you will get easier and quicker to the games, the group or the team overview of your country. You will not miss any game or event of the world cup in South Africa with World Champion. You are always up-to-date. [mehr...]

A sign database for your iPhone

You are out somewhere, viewing a danger signal and you are not sure what it means? Or you just work on your driver’s license and want to improve your knowledge about traffic signs?

Then Signs&Symbols is the right App for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Signs&Symbols contains a database of important traffic signs, sentinels and danger signals with their pictograms and corresponding descriptions. [-> more]

Babysitter Phone
A simple but very useful babyphone application for your iPhone.

Finally available for download: The Babysitter Phone app monitors the noise level in the surrounding of your iPhone. If certain configurable criteria are met an alarm phone call can be triggered. Just specify a valid phone number of your choice. That way you can easily spend an evening at neighbour´s house while your iPhone is taking care of your baby. In case the child wakes up you get a call immediately. [-> more]

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