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A sign database for your iPhone

You are out somewhere, viewing a danger signal and you are not sure what it means? Or you just work on your driver’s license and want to improve your knowledge about traffic signs?

Then Signs&Symbols is the right App for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Signs&Symbols contains a database of important traffic signs, sentinels and danger signals with their pictograms and corresponding descriptions. This database can constantly be enlarged through updates in the future. At the moment the database involves amongst others:

• traffic signs Germany
• danger signals
• sentinels

You can also look for particular signs within the clear database of Signs&Symbols, by determining certain colors or choosing a specific form. Then Signs&Symbols selects all appropriate sign with their descriptions for you, as for example all yellow and triangular signs.

You want to test your knowledge about sign or learn playfully new signs? Then the quiz is your choice. Signs&Symbols shows sign to you and gives you a selection of three possible answers. You can play the quiz on three different types:

• endless game
• fixed number of signs
• limited time frame

Of course, you can also restrict the quiz to a particular category of signs, if you for example want to query traffic signs only.

The screenshots on the right side shows you a selection of the most important function in Signs&Symbols:

• database and list of signs
• description of signs and selection of signs
• the quiz function

You have any questions or problems with the usage of Signs&Symbols You have recommendations for new features or desires additional signs in the database? Please feel free to contact our mobile app support at

Released: 12/18/2009
Current version: 1.1.7
4.2 MB
Laguages: english, german
Price: 0.79 &euro only;

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